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Sunday, 27 June 2010

Well it's been a while since I posted last: had a few blog issues and computer issues! Don't you love being on the phone forever and a day trying to get things fixed only to be told they can't sort it out!

But not to worry, I'm back in blogland now and intend to stay!

I've been a bit slack with the scrapping lately, my creative mind has just been on a break I think. But I scrapped my design team example for A Day in the Life of Renee and that seems to have recovered my mojo a little so I'm going to give the Scrap Therapy monthly challenges a go tonight I think. Hopefully I'll be back tommorrow with some new layouts to show you all!

And keep your eye out, I think it's almost time I had my first giveaway!

~ Belle xx

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  1. that's the thing about mojo; he comes and goes...sometimes a challenge entry {or two} is all it takes for it to come back around...congrats on winning over at Snobby were beautiful in the pic and LO deserved a win!


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