D-Lish Scraps 5th Birthday Challenges- Challenge No. 6

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Haven't done any challenges in the last couple of months but when I saw a few people I follow had been attempting them I went accross to D-Lish Scraps 5th Birthday Challenges to have a little look. And thought I should have a go, what better way to get my mojo going (so I can finally attempt this years SM Masters challenges!) than with a quick challenge right?

Loved the Scrap Bingo challenge, I used the middle row, coincidentally the same one Ros used in her example. A few hearts to be found on my layout, a fabric flower and plenty of floral paper, a pretty plastic bow as well as a twine one, an altered wooden bird (painted magenta) and of course a doily. A very feminine page.

Shame the weather has been so shocking here in my part of Victoria recently, photographing layouts is proving exceptionally difficult. (Anyone have lighting that they use to combat this, I'd love some recs/suggestions?). So you'll have to excuse the recent badly photographed layouts I've just been taking quick shots with my iphone to upload.

I love this photo of my young cousins. I took a few shots of them, including this one, during my stepsisters wedding (between the ceremony at the reception) in the pretty gardens at the venue. They're such beautiful girls, inside and out.

Thanks for looking.

Until next time,
~ Belle x


  1. Gorgeous page Belinda. Love everything about it. Being a Victorian I know exactly what you mean about the light lately. if your interested they started talking about taking photos today on the D-Lish Scraps The Scrap Suite page. Here's the link to the page I couldn't do one straight to the conversation but it was at the top last I looked. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1501066376797235/?fref=ts

    1. Thanks so much Ros! Oh fabulous, I'll go try and find that convo!


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