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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Hi ladies,

I'll be back tomorrow to post about the Liebster award that the lovely Jenessa bestowed on my blog! Thanks Jenessa, I'm honoured! I will be sure to follow through with awarding five other lovely ladies tomorrow evening.

But just quickly on my way to bed I thought I'd better blog a layout. Don't ask me why but I was bored last night and decided to challenge myself. I could have just done any layout I wanted but NO I decide it's time I try a colour scheme that has NEVER worked for me: aqua and red! Did it work for me this time? I think so. I like it but I think I may have stared it a bit too long when fiddling in order to now objectively decide whether it's really any good or not! But I'm glad I stepped completely out of my comfort zone and gave something different a go (not sure I'll be doing those colours again though). On the other hand I did a layout tonight which I am completely happy with, too dark to photograph so I will post it up in the next couple of days.

But for now, here's my aqua and red layout (another photobooth shot, of my stepsisters and I):
See you all tomorrow,
Belle xx

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