Easter Long Weekend

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Pheww what a weekend, I spent soo much time in the car but had a fabulous time! Spent one night camping with my dad, stepmum and little sissy, another night in Warrnambool at my Uncle's place and another at mum's place in Melbourne before coming home Monday night. I didn't take a great deal of pictures, but snapped a few just to remind myself of the weekend.

First few were taken in Eildon: 2 of Krista and I and one of Dad with our 4wd 'convoy'!
The others were taken in Warrnambool. How cute is the koala?!
We managed to get a group shot whilst walking around the craters at Tower Hill in Warrnambool by putting my camera on timer on a post! And the final three photos are of my awesome cousins James, Andrew & Matthew.
Like I said, not too many but at least I have a few to scrap, even though they're not fantastic!
Until next time,
~ Belle xx


  1. Lucky you!! Looks like you had a fabulous Easter Long Weekend!! And how amazing to find a Koala in the wild!! I've spent half my childhood camping around NSW and have NEVER seen a Koala in the wild... EVER!! So super lucky!! And don't worry about the pics I was extremely upset to find my SD card missing from my camera on Thursday so all my pics were left to be taken on my iphone, needless to say I wasn't too happy to find it this morning hidden my son's little hidey stash :)
    So glad u had a wonderful holiday filled with family :)

  2. OMG and you were barely and hour and a half from me! tsk tsk tsk.. Glad you had a great time though Miss Belle!

    cough cough.... there - now I've commented.... cough cough.... LOL

  3. LOL Maree, you're coughing cracked me up!


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