I finally christened the sewing machine!

Thursday, 1 April 2010

As the title suggests I finally used my sewing machine! I've never sewn on my layouts before until I did a little handstitching on the one below. And although I got a sewing machine for Christmas I hadn't actually used it until last night! So I decided to stitch away on a couple of layouts just to practice. I kept them pretty simple to highlight my first tries at stitching and although fairly simple I think they came out well! So yay for my sewing machine, it may just become my new best friend (shhhh don't tell Natalie!).

I think I actually scrapped this photo a few years ago but I don't have my old layouts here (they're somewhere at my parents place...I think) to check. This is my gorgeous cousin Madeleine back when she was about 4 (she's now 8!)

I wanted this photo to be the feature because I just absolutely love it. One of my favourite photos from our Europe trip last year of my favourite place: the gorgeous Swiss Alps. This photo was actually taken whilst on a sunset cruise on Lake Lucerne the day we arrived in Switzerland.

Thanks so much for the lovely comments everyone, I think I'm becoming addicted to my own blog (vain, perhaps?!)!

Oh and for all of us hanging out waiting for the DT reveal at Snobby Walrus (http://www.snobbywalrus.com) it's only a few hours now I believe!

Until next time,

~ Belle x


  1. Love the stitching! Of course you wouldn't actually use a sewing machine for fabric, LOL! I got a new sewing machine too, and I am ashamed to admit that it constantly outsmarts me...

  2. I love the layouts!!!! They are great!! You really really make me want one!!!



  3. Love the results you got, beautiful!

  4. It was definitely worth the effort--very nice!


  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Right. So my intraweb connection is being wonky, and I ended up posting the same comment twice, so deleted one, but now it still looks ridiculous.

    Sorry 'bout that, Miss Belle!


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