Come on baby!

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Well no scrapping for me the last couple of days, I've been on 2 year old watch at a friends place whilst her and her husband have been at the hospital waiting for baby number 2! Poor things been in early labour since yesterday evening so I've spent a lot of time at their house over the last 24 hours and have just got back home. Still no baby but I'd say he's coming tonight! I love babies!

But whilst I haven't scrapped lately I just thought I'd share a couple of layouts I did last week. I've done a few others too but haven't photographed them, promise I will soon. Both these new layouts are 'just because' layouts using photos I love. The first is using prima paper I LOVE but just couldn't bring myself to use (can anyone say 'saving things for the perfect layout') and the second has the cutest photo of DP with our gorgeous youngest niece.

Thanks for looking lovelies. I'm trying to sort out my pop up issue so I can come and follow your blogs too (I've had to settle for just saving them in my favourites for now!).

Until next time,

~Belinda x

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