Home Sweet Home

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Well we are back from our trip to Melbourne so I just thought I would quickly post to say what a fabulous time we had. Lots of catch ups with family and friends (few issues but what can you do!). But would you believe I did not take one single photo, not one!! Lucky I still have truckloads of unscrapped photos anyway, so it's probably a good thing I took no more pics. Today after leaving Melbourne though I am missing everyone like crazy and wishing we weren't so far away.

But tommorrow I have a job interview 3 and a half hours from home (just cos the recruiter is up there, I certainly won't be driving that far for work everyday!), Thursday I have a community event on and Friday/Saturday I'm doing a first aid course so I'm sure I'll be busy enough to not dwell on missing everyone.

Hopefully I'll get some scrapping done in the next few days so this blog can revert back to being about scrapping rather than just me rambling!

Until next time,
Belinda xx

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