Storms Aplenty

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Well hasn't it been a bit crazy this weekend with storms?! Whilst I don't live in Melbourne myself anymore almost everyone I know and love still does so it was good to hear noone has suffered too much in this weekend's insane storms!

My mum and stepdad came up and saw our house for the first time this weekend which was very exciting, and I'm having my new dining table and outdoor setting delivered tommorrow! A brand new bed is coming in a few weeks and I'm waiting on a scrapbook desk I ordered to come in so all in all it's been a fantastic and exciting weekend! We also went to the Wagga country club for dinner on Saturday night for this first time, the food was great but oh my goodness I cannot even express to you how many bugs (locusts? grasshoppers? crickets? not sure!) were around. The wall outside looked brown instead of cream, there could have been up to a thousand bugs on it, I must admit I let out a few squeels!

And now onto the actual intended topic of this blog: scrapbooking! I headed down to the community centre on Thursday for the craft morning and did two layouts which was an achievement for me in just a couple of hours!

One of the layouts I did was just a random layout based on some cute photos my Aunt took of my adorable little 3 year old cousin Katie at her very first dance class. Really happy with how it turned out, the ribbon inspired the entire layout! Bit plain but I like it.

The March challenges have been revealed over at Scraptherapy (, the design team's examples are gorgeous as always so I'm looking forward to having a go at them during this month! Maybe I'll wait a couple of weeks and use my brand new scrapdesk!!! (Can you tell I'm excited??)

Enough rambling from me, there are dishes to wash and beds to remake so off I go.

Hope everyone's having a lovely weekend!

Until next time, Belinda xx

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  1. I love that layout! How lucky you are to have craft at a community centre, sounds like great fun. :)


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